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Free Leather Shoes to all Marikina Teachers and Non -Teaching Personnel

Free Leather Shoes to all Marikina Teachers and Non -Teaching Personnel

The city government of Marikina will give a pair of good quality of leather shoes to all teachers and non-teaching personnel in recognizing the hard work of the teachers in honing the minds of the students in the city.

Free Leather Shoes to all Marikina Teachers and Non -Teaching Personnel

“Our teachers are our second parents. They patiently teach our children so that they will have a bright future,” Teodoro said

“It is just to treat them with a pair of leather shoes. A simple gesture of gratitude of the City of Marikina to our hardworking teachers, as well as guards and canteen staffs,” he added.

Before the mayor entered the world of politics, he was also a teacher, and he knows the hard work and dedication that teachers have to rendered to educate their students.

This project was in partnership with two Marikina – based shoe firms, which is Lara Erika Shoes and Checkpoint Shoes.

Before the mayor gives the pair of shoes of the teachers, he already gave free uniforms, and storybooks to kindergarten pupils enrolled in 17 public elementary schools in Marikina on November 12 to 14, 2019. And that’s the time the mayor collected the shoe size of the teachers.

And also, Teodoro told parents that it is essential for them to spend time with their children while they are still young.

It’s the first time that the city government will give teachers shoes since she started teaching in the city, according to Dr. Elisa Cerveza, Marikina ASDS.

“The teachers felt appreciated and loved by the local government. It’s a different kind of feeling when the local government values the work of the teachers,” Cerveza said.

She said the support of the Marikina City government would boost the morale of the teachers and would inspire them to work harder.

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