DepEd Answers Frequently Asked Questions about DepEd Commons


    DepEd Commons is the newest Open Educational Platform (OER) Develop by DepEd. And since this is new to the users especially teachers and students, DepEd recieves several inquiries about the online platform.

    Here are some of those questions and also the answer of DepEd  each question:

    “From Sir Mark Anthony Sy, DepEd Central Office

    For all those who are asking:

    Question #1: Sir Mark, they say DepEd Commons is free access but why is it that when the links click, they say there is payment and charging?

    Answer: Access to DepEd Commons is free but when click the activities that has LINKS, it has charges really because it will appear in DepEd Commons.

    During the Community Quarantine declared in March, DepEd thought would immediately meet the need for the 4th Quarter. That was the solution as a supplemental tool.

    Question #2: How about that, internet access is needed? Do you need to study?

    Answer: Is it the first quarter? Isn’t it considered vacation now? DepEd is currently preparing the ebook interactives for use at the upcoming entrance. These are the things that can be accessed and downloaded by Free Access. So while we are waiting, review materials that can be used in the study are laid in DepEd Commons.

    Question #3: When will we see the Free Access Study for the First Quarter?

    Answer: Wait, maybe May 10-15, 2020 are now available for Free Access and downloadable materials. To prepare teachers and advanced studies for students. This will have another menu tool for selection of Quarter or Semester for what Quarter you can view lessons. It’s hard, isn’t it halo halo, we want to see what the specific lesson is every week.

    Question #4: What could be the contents of the downloadables FREE ACCESS?

    Sagot: Interactive ebooks and modules, PowerPoint, Handouts, Activity Sheets, Instructional Videos, Educational App Games

    NOTE: There are two buttons in DepEd Commons. When LINK, it should be connected to the internet. When DOWNLOAD, that’s free access.

    I hope it helped. Sorry if it’s long.

    Patience is a virtues. So please wait a little more on the downloadables. Training for DepEd personnel is on-going.”

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