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DepEd Orders Postponement of Graduation Rites Indefinitely

Graduation rites! Aren’t we all excited about this? Teachers, parents, and especially our dear students will have to put on hold their excitement. For so many years that we hustled for our grades, projects, and piling up requirements, we have anticipated it with high spirits, but it seems that this Covid19 is winning in depriving us of experiencing the most awaited part of our lives as students. 

Just recently, Dep Ed announced that “Graduation rites for SY 2019-2020 are postponed indefinitely. With the extension of enhanced community quarantine ( ECQ) in Luzon and different parts of the country, and the continued restriction of DOH on mass gatherings, the graduation and moving up rites in basic education throughout the country is postponed indefinitely”. Department of Education also stressed that as per Dep Ed Order 02, series of 2020 and Dep Ed memorandum 42, series of 2020,  once the ECQ or any localized community quarantine is lifted, schools in consultation with the Parents-Teacher Association (PTA) leadership, can decide to reschedule or cancel the holding of the rites.

It’s good to know that they are considering cancelation of the graduation ceremonies, but it would be reassuring if they just cancel the idea of any possible physical gathering concerning graduation rites because it will be too much for us to identify whos infected or not. Perhaps we can consider digital gathering and the online announcement of the graduates. it may not be that satisfying but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

It’s frustrating to know how huge is the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic in our systems, both government and private. It has immensely turned our normal life upside down. As of this writing, the future looks uncertain about how would the world overcome this pandemic that we are currently experiencing. Unity and prayer are two things that we will be able to do to help the world heal faster. – Karie | Helpline PH