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Conducting make-up classes needs permission from parents

Conducting make-up classes needs permission from parents

Before the school can conduct a make-up classes for students to catch up with their lesson, the school needs to ask permission from the parents.

Mostly Typhoon is the reason why there is a class suspension.

According to Dr. Roel Bermejo, Iloilo SDS, on the PNA website,  “The Typhoon hindered the regular class hours. Thus schools are requested to conduct make-up classes.”

“This (class suspension) is for the safety of the children. Allowing the schools with such suspension keeps the children away from danger”, he said.

“That is okay as long as those who suspend classes are requested to conduct make-up sessions to complete the required number of days based on the school calendar,” he said.

In conducting the make-up sessions, schools are required to secure permission from the parents of the students. Make – up classes scheduled on a Saturday or for the teachers to extend at least an hour of their regular class hours to catch up with the lessons.

“The make-up classes depend on the design of the schools. These are base on the Parent-Teacher Association approval,” Bermejo said.”

DepEd Secretary reminded that the implementation of make – up classes by schools remains optional granted that the required contact days for teaching and learning is not compromised.

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