Automatic passing mark of k-12 students pressed in congress

    Automatic passing mark of k-12 students

    Bukidnon Third and First District Representatives Manuel Antonio Zubiri and Maria Lourdes Acosta-Alba filed House Bill 7961 or proposed Covid19 Scholastic Leniency Act.

    The measure aims to lessen the pressure felt by students and protects students’ mental health in this time of the pandemic.

    In their explanatory note, Zubiri and Acosta-Alba said that because of the Covid19 pandemic, the mental health of Filipinos has been put to a test especially the youth.

    They further explained that even the Commission of Human Rights said that those people who never suffered any mental health issues before the pandemic can possibly experience mental problems.

    “Children also are victims of the various effects of this pandemic. From a formerly socially lifestyle, children have now been forced to study at home to protect their health,” they said.

    Base on the data of Save the Children International, 40 percent of the youth from the lower class family are in need of help in their schoolwork but received none.

    “This difficulty in learning and the absence of help for children have resulted in reported cases of suicide committed by children,” they added.

    If the measure will be approved, the Scholastic Leniency will be implemented in this school year 2020-2021 where K-12 students will be given passing marks as long as they pass all the needed requirements.

    Some of these requirements are the following

    1.attend session set by teacher or school,

    2.submit required papers, projects, and other academic requirements; including a quiz, recitation, and exam

    3.and show minimum standards for personal behavior.

    In case students fail; schools are obliged to give remedial action.

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    Automatic passing mark of k-12 students