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ABS-CBN’S Shut Down Effect on Students and Teachers

Media giant ABS-CBN was forced to shut down after NTC issued Cease and Desist order against the network. It can be noted that the issue regarding ABS-CBN franchise renewal has been long-standing and last May 4, 2020, their fear came true when their legislative franchise expired. This has created an emotional stir among the netizens. Some are blaming the network for their lack of action and violations that impedes the renewal of their franchise while others sympathize with the network expressing their dismay with the current administration and even blaming President Duterte for the network’s halt of operations. They even claim that their lives would never be the same without the news and entertainment provided by ABS-CBN. 

Amidst the pandemic, people are constantly looking for ways to be entertained and informed. Same scenario with teachers and students. Teachers working at home would love to relax a bit after working on grades and reports. Students at home would also love to enjoy their vacation and watch entertaining shows most of the time if not doing chores. Fortunately, our access to both information and entertainment is not only limited to free TV. We have all-out access to different news agencies who have established their online presence. Entertainment was also all over the internet and we have so many options to choose from.

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In the case of teachers living or designated in far-flung areas, whose internet connection would be as slow as a turtle and sometimes signal bar won’t just show, they don’t have much choice but to rely on shows and entertainment from television. It would be lonelier if their favorite shows won’t be there anymore after the Kapamilya Network was shut down but news-wise they still have GMA, PTV, and other tv networks. But entertainment-wise we can not deny that ABS-CBN has been doing a good job. We also understand that a teacher’s hand is full and a lot is going on on his/her head so the teacher does not have the luxury of time to watch a lot of entertaining shows and because of that we can say that although the television experience would become lonelier it has a very minimal effect on teachers. 

For students who are more on entertainment consumption, it will have a stronger effect on them if and only if they live a very remote area wherein internet signal would not be present. As we know it students are always present online especially those who belong to households that can afford to purchase internet loads. The Internet has a wide variety of news and entertainment that sometimes makes someone addicted to its contents. It is a very attractive venue for students or youngsters because it provides unlimited entertainment and social connection which most of the youths would love to have. Unfortunately, areas who lack internet connection would most likely rely on television for entertainment. Students living in far-flung barrios would feel that their television experience won’t be the same anymore for the reason that their options on television regarding channels would be very limited.

Going through with the situation for both teachers and students, we can see that the cease of operation on the part of ABS-CBN has minimal effect on the lives of a teacher and a student. Even if we take into consideration the closure also of its AM, FM, and regional television networks, teachers and students will still have a wide variety of choices for new and entertainment consumption. Only those living in remote areas with very limited internet signals would feel the difference but the majority will continue to be informed and entertained. –Karie | Helpline PH