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A TEACHER WITH A GOOD HEART: The Teacher Who Gave a Box of Crayon to His Student as a Gift


Recently, the educational status of the Philippines is in great turmoil because of the result of the pandemic which lasted for how many months now, and in this case, students have to learn in their own home through the different learning modalities. In most cases, there are a lot of students who are doing the modular type of learning especially in public schools where the internet is not an option.

What is more gloomy is that there are more students who can’t even buy their basic necessities like school supplies because their family’s income cannot suffice all the expenses especially that it is very difficult to earn a living due to the outbreak of this virus. Despite the challenges, there are also students who are trying their best even though they are financially challenged and still doing whatever they can to pursue learning through their modules.

This one-story caught up our attention because of his inspiration to everyone. Teacher Velcher Castillo shares his touching experience with his student who wrote him a message apologizing for not coloring his drawing because he doesn’t have crayons to finish it up. (See attached photo and the original post from Teacher Velcher)

“This work from one of my students caught my attention.

“Sir wala po akong pambili ng krayola sorry po.”

Don’t be sorry, nak. I understand you. Here’s a box of crayons for you. Keep up the good work! See you when this pandemic finally ends. God bless and stay safe.

Para sa bawat estudyante, isang mahigpit na yakap. Kapit lang. Laban lang. Tuloy lang. Magkikita kita muli tayo. Know that your efforts are valid and appreciated. Kahit na at kahit pa. ”

Credits to Velcher Castillo

This inspirational story of a teacher with a good heart is a reminder of what this pandemic has brought to each and every one of us and resulted in many devastating stories especially in the field of education but somehow because we still hold positivity within us, we cope up. In every corner has a teacher like Sir Velcher who sees to it to still reach out to students who don’t have any means and still struggling. I guess every teacher has a portion of their hearts for their students which made them become the real bridge for inspiration to others to also do the same. I salute every teacher out there who are still very patient in doing their jobs just for the sake of their beloved students.

Let this story be an eye-opener to everybody that in this time of the pandemic, we shall always root and reach out to our fellowmen and most especially to our students who most need our help more than anybody else. After all of this shall pass, then the happiness and the inspiration brought by each and everyone will rise and soon will result to create another year of positivity and light for our learners. – Clea | Helpline PH