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A teacher receives insulting text messages from a parent and she shares it to social media

A teacher receives insulting text messages from a parent

In this time of pandemic where everyone must stay at home and secure lives first, teachers receive scrutiny and criticism.

Many are envious of the fact that the teacher still receives a salary even without reporting to duty. These grudges continue as DepEd plans to open classes on August 24, face-to-face classes are prohibited and parents are requested to assess their children at home.

A teacher expressed her disappointment with the text messages that she received from a parent.

Below are the screenshots of their conversation.

Credit: Karina Matias Pineda 
Credit: Karina Matias Pineda 


Credit: Karina Matias Pineda 

On the other side, Karina Matias Pineda, the teacher’s concern also explained her response to the judgment of the parent.

“Sorry If I’ll be posting this thing right now.I don’t usually post personal things especially private conversation but this is too much and felt like this is more than just an insult – not just for me but to all the other Teacher out there.

Just this afternoon, I received a text from an unknown number, The first message was actually irritating and a bit of insulting but still – I tried to be so understanding and asked you in a proper and kind way. First of all po, I posted my contact number on my page to help parents who has queries and difficulty in adjusting to the “New Normal” way of the upcoming opening of School Year 2020 – 2021. I honestly don’t know you and that’s the real reason why I asked Who you are, I tried to be so calm in dealing with you but you still managed to reply back in a more disgusting manner.

Let me clear this, I am New to this Public Profession, but every single day inside the room, all the Teachers are doing everything they can – and most of the time their hard work exceeds their limitations.

If you are actually accusing us just because we are receiving our Salary (which according to you, is considered as a “very high salary”), I think you should think more than twice before you speak. If you want to claim our salary, then follow this steps:

First, better talk to the government, if we are really useless and worthless workers here in the Philippines then I’m sure – they will agree with you, if they do agree with you, the second thing that you must do is to talk to all the other parents of each student we are handling to equally divide our Salary to all of you, If we have 40 students in each room then our Salary amounting to 20,000 + will be divided to each 40 parents too, note! This is not a day to day basis but a monthly basis! So – I think you’ll be very proud to receive 500+ pesos monthly.

Third, after equally dividing our salary, start to research about all the things that we need to accomplish while we are teaching and disciplining each of your child inside our classroom, Be familiar with all the formulas, the differences between all the school forms, the correctness of all the school papers needed to be submitted on time, be prepared for a stable internet connection, if not contact the nearest computer shop near your home and asked them to open up during late nights so you can accomplish your research and lesson preparation, prepare Printer, A copier Machine, a laptop or Pc with high Memory capacity to handle all the files that you’ll be needing and don’t forget to organized each file according to its use, also prepare to lengthen your Patience and to do multi tasking every hour of every day. Make sure to balance your time for your student, for your bosses, for your own child, for your parents, for your school papers, for your financial managing, for your husband, for your household chorea and mostly please I beg you to also separate a time for yourself.

After doing this, the fourth thing that you need to do is – You must be ready to feed our families too, you must be ready to pay our bills because just like what you said the 500+ pesos monthly is so expensive that you dare to insult the profession that we have.

So all our hard work ever since the beginning my dearest Co-Teachers are nothing but a Trash and a wasted Efforts for People like this one. 💔

If this is how people look down on Teachers, Then I’m starting to lose faith in sacrificing Teacher’s own health, Teacher’s own family, Teacher’s own money just for the students whom they are really not related to. 💔
Teachers aren’t perfect but we do not deserve any treatment like this. I’m sorry, this is just too much.”

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Credit: Karina Matias Pineda