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A governor viral statement on opening of classes: “Education cannot be earned if you are DEAD”

Agusan Del Sur Governor Santi Barriga Cane Jr. expresses his opinion on the very hot topic about the opening of classes. Cane agreed on the previous pronouncement of President Duterte to postpone classes until the vaccine is available.

In the past few weeks, Governor Mamba also went viral about his statement to teachers where he receives various reactions. But Mamba made his apology about his statement and deleted his video post on his social media page.

Read the full statement of Governor Cane below:

“From the very start of this PANDEMIC President Rodrigo Roa Duterte already made a pronouncement for the postponement of classes next year or until a vaccine is discovered, AND I BELIEVED HE WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! But classes are now open and in the last three (3) days I observed that face to face activities in schools have tremendously increased despite all the reminders to the contrary. The opening of classes came at a time when local transmission of the virus has caused so many people INFECTED. Infection of so many others (among the ranks of parents, students, and teachers) is an instinctive result.

Our quarantine facilities are now overwhelmed by the number of infected. Time will come when we might be utilizing school buildings as quarantine areas with or without permission. As it is, the face to face activities in schools are factors in the increase of viral infection, we might as well quarantine them where they hold these activities.

While we have to balance our priorities between EDUCATION and HEALTH, I go for the latter, for education cannot be earned if you are DEAD!

With the thousands of parents/guardians/students/teachers who line up for MODULES, etc., it takes only ONE INFECTED PERSON in the line to CONTAMINATE others and then BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!”