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Good news! Teachers receive 5 days of service credits if they report to school for enrollment

Good news! Teachers receive 5 days of service credits if they report to school for enrollment

The 5 days of service credits will be a privilege to teachers since it adds to their previous earned service credits. Those service credits are the teachers’ reserved so that when the time comes that the teachers have an urgent activity or get sick, they can use them for it not to be deducted.

Although teachers’ 5 days of service credits can’t compensate for teachers’ absences when they get sick, especially at this time that the threat of COVID-19 is still in the country, teachers can’t assure their health if they can’t be sick. Therefore, DepEd should give teachers service credits equivalent to the number they reported in school.

These 5 days of service credits granted to teachers are not enough if they get sick, but they are still thankful that they have service credits. It’s a great help to teachers to use it because many teachers are very sick and suffer from prolonged illnesses that require them to use their salary for the payment of medication. Therefore, their service credits are very useful for them not to be deducted for their absences.

Teachers require more service credits because if they have used them already, they will be deducted from their salary. Hopefully, DepEd will also provide teachers with assistance because they are going to file a leave without pay. Sick teachers’ situations would be more difficult.

 The sick teachers’ remaining salaries will no longer be enough to cover the expenses due to deduction of their absences. Healthcare and service credits for teachers are the only chances for them to survive, especially since all the prices of commodities are increasing. The 5 days of service credits will be the savings of teachers to use during emergencies.

Under Regional Memorandum: Beginning August 15, 2022, teachers will receive 5 days of service credits for reporting to school. SOCCSKSARGEN region issued Memorandum No. 32, s. 2022 or the “Clarification on the Preparation for the Opening of Classes for school year 2022-2023”.

All school heads and non-teaching staff based at the school are required to report in person to the school to facilitate the enrollment process except for teachers. However, for schools without non-teaching staff, school heads may designate teachers to serve as enrollment liaisons and physically report to school on a weekly rotation basis.

4. a The assignment of teachers as enrollment grade/school coordinator must have the permission of the school’s division superintendent.

4. b. Teachers who report physically as enrollment coordinators are entitled to 5 days of service credits.

Also, all public school teachers are required to report physical effects by August 15, 2022 and must have 5 days of service credits.

Refer to Region Memorandum No. 32, s. 2022, Clarification on the Preparation for the Opening of Classes for School Year 2022–2023. School Year 2022-2023 shall start on Monday, August 22, 2022, and ends on Friday, July 2023. It consists of 203 school days and must be fully committed to academics and related co-curricular activities. In the event of changes in the school calendar due to unforeseen circumstances, further issuances shall be made.

The teachers are still thankful despite the lack of vacation, but still, they are survivors of many threats in life, like COVID-19. The only thing the teachers’ concerned want DepEd to do is also give service credits to teachers on duty in schools for classroom repair, restructuring, and beautification. – Doki | Helpline PH

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