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DepEd is now hiring of 10K teachers amid pandemic

DepEd is now hiring of 10K teachers amid pandemic

Department of Education pursues the hiring process of 10k teachers this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic which prohibits face-to-face classes and promotes distance learning.

According to Education Undersecretary Jesus Mateo, recruitment procedures are ongoing despite the DepEd being on work-from-home mode since March.

“Hiring is ongoing. In fact, application has started as early as December,” Mateo said yesterday.

Mateo said that DepEd is on remote hiring or recruitment.

Job interviews of potential teacher-hires were done online, he added.

Mateo said the hiring of 10,000 teachers is included on the payroll budget approved by the Department of Budget and Management.

He pointed out that DepEd is looking for 1:40 teacher to student ratio especially with the planned of implementing blended learning.

“The Department of Education has been made aware of a statement by an organization alleging that teachers in several provinces are being ordered to visit communities to convince parents to enroll their children for school year 2020-2021,” the DepEd said.

“Upon checking with field units, this claim by this group has been found to be false and without factual basis. No complaints were received from any of the areas they mentioned,” DepEd said.

“We would like to emphasize that when the LCP was formulated before the enrollment period, part of the protocol required teachers to check the status of their former learners. They can do this by text, telephone and other means,” DepEd said.

Used Annalyn Sevilla , said as of July there were 16,876,175 students enrolled for both public and private schools for the coming school year.

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