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10,000 Teacher’s Annual Cash Allowance pressed

10,000 Teacher’s Annual Cash Allowance

Pangasinan Representative Rose Marie Arenas filed the house bill no. 4494 that will grant 10,000 annual cash allowance for teachers intended for classroom supplies and materials.

As of now, teachers receive 3,500 annual cash allowance which is quite not enough to finance all supplies needed for a whole school year. As a matter of fact, teachers have no other choice but to spend their own salary for school material purchases.

Department of Education receives the biggest share in the National Budget amounting to 500 billion. So there is enough funds to supply the increase of cash allowance of teachers.

With this 10,000 teaching allowance, public school teachers will be alleviated and their working conditions will be improved.

Let us all hope and pray for this bill to be realized for us (teachers) to give more quality delivery of education to our students.

Source: House Bill No. 4494 

9 thoughts on “10,000 Teacher’s Annual Cash Allowance pressed”

  1. Maraming salamat po…sana may magbill ulit ng 56yo retirement age para .akapasok na ang.mga techie teachers na mas kailangan ngayon

    1. If I remember it right I started in the public school system with a chalk allowance of 1500 or 2000 pesos. And that was more than 27 yrs ago. I just pray that this would pass the Congress and Senate soon.

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