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Impressive House Bill 2389: Automatic Promotion for Government Workers: This is something that all retirees should know

Impressive House Bill 2389: Automatic Promotion for Government Workers: This is something that all retirees should know

Automatic promotion for teachers upon retirement is significant because it is reflected in the Magna Carta for teachers. Although it is reflected in Magna Carta, the GSIS did not follow. Teachers believe that this automatic promotion should be followed because many who get retired didn’t even avail.

Automatic promotion is significant for retirees since they are already old and need maintenance for their medicines. If their retirement cash was insufficient, the retired individual could not afford to buy medicine.

A bill in the House of Representatives is House Bill 2389 by Representative Bernadette Escudero. Its purpose is to ensure the automatic promotion of government officials and employees upon retirement from government service for other purposes.

This means that when a government employee retires, his or her status or salary will automatically be promoted one salary grade higher. If you are a public school teacher, this is not new to you because it is included in the Magna carta for teachers.

But in this House Bill, all government officials and employees want to be given automatic promotion, just like what is stated in the Magna Carta for teachers, but the problem here is how it will affect the pension received by government personnel when they are given automatic promotion if their promotion will only happen when they retire from their service.

That’s because the problem and issue with Magna carta for teachers is why retired teachers don’t seem to feel it. Because, according to the computation of the GSIS, the basic monthly pension used here is your actual average monthly compensation in the last three years, which means the actual salary you received in the last three years.

So, it does not matter here what your salary grade will be upon retirement because you did not receive a salary of that amount because the promotion happened when you retired from the service. Who else will be given a salary who has retired? Since you didn’t get a salary with that salary, it won’t change how much you make on average each month. 

So it’s only them if this automatic promotion becomes a law for government personnel. Teachers hope they also change the computation of GSIS when it comes to the basic monthly pension because if that is not changed, it seems that the automatic promotion is useless. The income that you were promoted to is only on paper, but you don’t feel it in your future pension because it is not included in the calculation.

So let’s wait and see if this becomes a law and if the calculation of the GSIS basic pension will be changed if it becomes a law. Automatic promotion is a good idea because there are elderly people who are already in the service who are still not promoted. Automatic promotion is a great help to all government employees who want to live despite their age-related illnesses. – Doki | Helpline PH