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Teachers’ group calls for exit plan to the school closure cycle

Teachers’ group calls for exit plan to the school closure cycle

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers said that make up classes will not resolve the effects of Covid19 to education.

“With or without make-up classes or class extensions, learning loss will continue for no bigger reason than state abandonment amidst one of the worst health and socio-economic crises,” ACT Secretary General Raymond Basilio said.

ACT called for “concrete actions and exit plan to the surge and school closure cycle.”

“We’ve been in this cycle of surges for more than two years now—each surge being worse than the previous one. Despite this, teachers and students have strived especially hard for education to continue. We cannot be trapped in this cycle anymore,” Basilio said.

“Recently, it has been our very own health that has been at stake, thus the need for a health break. We need a clear exit plan and concrete actions from the government,” Basilio added.

ACT also mentioned that teachers were forced to shoulder the expenses and extra work demanded by distance learning which caused strain not only to their physical but also mental health.

“Education has been at the losing end of government incompetence. Throughout this pandemic, we have been left to fend for ourselves,” he said.