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Teachers urge PBB task force for release of delayed bonus

Release of delayed bonus

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) sent a letter to Inter-Agency Task Force (AO25 IATF) , the one responsible for the approval of Performance-based Bonus (PBB) of government employees. Th group appealed for immediate release of PBB 2019 to all Department of Education’s (DepEd) teaching and non-teaching personnel especially in this time of pandemic.

“Our education workers have practically nothing left. Nagmahal ang presyo ng mga bilihin at patuloy ang gastos sa distance learning pero ang mga karampatang benepisyo, wala pa rin. Inabot na ng 2021 ang kanilang utang na PBB 2019, hanggang kailan nila paghihintayin ang mga guro at kawani?,” asked Raymond Basilio, ACT Secretary-General.

The PBB is supposed to be an incentive for outstanding performance in civil service for dedicatedly delivering on duties and responsibilities.

Basilio stressed that DepEd employees have “more than delivered their duties as they practically filled in the shortcomings of the government in the implementation of the distance learning.”

“On top of the numerous duties of our teachers, they diligently met the voluminous documentary requirements to qualify for this benefit as their meager salaries simply could not sustain their basic needs. It is the height of insensitivity of those concerned to be slacking in their duty to process the PBB on time,” Basilio added.

Basilio said that the delayed release of PBB for DepEd employees have always been a problem in the past few years.

“Now, where is the moral ascendancy of these offices who evaluate our performance when they themselves perform poorly on their duties?” Basilio asked.

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