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Teachers seeks Comelec clarification on mode of payment for BEIs

Teachers seeks Comelec clarification on mode of payment for BEIs

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Philippines raised an inquiry to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) about the mode of payment of election service pay.

The group mentioned the use of cash cards in the past elections where there was a surcharge on withdrawals and the Php100 could not be withdrawn. 

They are calling on the Comelec to release BEI pay in cash to guarantee that teachers will receive the entire amount.

“We have sought clarification on the mode of payment for BEIs as early as November 2021, precisely because we don’t want a repeat of 2019. We want to make sure that our teachers will easily access their hard-earned election service pay without any further deductions, especially with the imposition of the hefty 20% tax. We hope that Comelec shares this intent with us and meet with us for further discussions regarding the matter and several others that demand their immediate attention and action,” said ACT Secretary General Raymond Basilio.

The group earlier requested for a dialogue with Comelec.

“We only have about a month left before the May 9 polls, we need Comelec to address the issues we have been raising for almost a year now. After all, our BEIs will be at the frontlines of the upcoming crisis-ridden and precarious elections—ensuring their welfare and rights are vital in the preparations for a peaceful, safe, and proper conduct of elections. So Comelec, we will be at your doors tomorrow and we hope you have prepared to respond to the various issues raised by our teacher-poll workers,” Basilio called.