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Group of Teachers gave F mark to DepEd

Group of Teachers gave F mark to DepEd

If a group of teachers were to give ratings to the current administration and the leadership of the Department of Education (DepEd), they would give an “F” mark or a failing grades.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers Philippines (ACT)s criticized DepEd and the Duterte administration for its “turtle-paced response” in responding teachers’ request for benefits and salaries increase.

“Patapos na ang school year pero nasaan na ang mga pinangako ng DepEd?” ACT Secretary General Raymond Basilio said.

“The school year is about to end but our teachers have yet to receive proper compensation for their services,” Basilio added.

“Kung mabibigyan lang ng final grade ng mga guro ang gobyerno, isang mapulang ‘F’ na marka ang ibibigay nila dito,” Basilio added.

ACT said that the DepEd has “extended” teachers’ workdays for 77 days. This is after DepEd changed the academic calendar and moved the last day of classes from June to July.

The move aims to address the learning gaps under distance learning. But according to ACT, extending the school year “only worsened” the implementation of the government’s “failed” program.

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