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Teacher’s group criticized DepEd negligence on teachers’ overtime pay

Teacher’s group criticized DepEd negligence on teachers’ overtime pay

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers lambasted the Department of Education for its inaction on teachers’ overtime pay for last school year. 

This is  after an official correspondence from the Department of Budget and Management said that DepEd has not yet submitted its position paper on the issue.

ACT gave its position paper on November 10, 2021.

“DepEd has yet again proven their blatant negligence and lack of integrity. They can’t even be bothered to write a proper position paper to argue their stance against paying teachers’ their overtime, even with official requests from other agencies. It seems even DepEd knows that their position has no legs, which could explain their failure to provide any argument and/or legal basis to support their claim that the excess workdays cannot be considered as overtime and teachers need not be remunerated for such,” Raymond Basilio, ACT secretary general, said.

In the letter, DBM noted: “To date, the DBM is yet to receive the official position and comments of the DepEd on said claims of the ACT-Philippines.”

ACT urged the DBM and the CSC to proceed regardless of DepEd’s response is not met.

“Instead of allowing DepEd to hostage teachers’ overtime compensation, we call on DBM and CSC to set a time limit for when we must start proceeding with further deliberations on the issue with whatever arguments and information we have. It would add to the grave injustices already suffered by teachers to further delay the resolution of this case. Our teachers have inarguably met the exigencies of service amidst the crises, we only ask that the services they rendered by properly remunerated,” Basilio said.

ACT asked to grant teachers‘ 25 percent overtime premium and 77 days of service credits for the last school year.